Doak S. Campbell Stadium Seating Chart

NOTE: Seating layouts may change depending on the type of event. Please check the individual seating chart when selecting your tickets.

Here is a break down of the seatings at the Doak Campbell Stadium. For the more detailed infographic, kindly click on the link below to check on the actual seating chart as it may vary from event to event.

Florida State Student Sections

FSU students will be in sections 1-7 and 40-41. Sitting near the student sections would ensure an electrifying vibe and ear deafening chants.


The Florida State sideline is in front of sections 32-34. Where else, the visiting sideline is in front of sections 9-11.

Florida State Club Seating

The Champions Club is located in sections 214-228 and 315-327. All seats are padded and have cup holders. These club sections provide food and beverage service as well as lounge seating. Fans can also enjoy the view from the rooftop terrace as they please.

Visiting Team Seating

Visitor seating is primarily in sections 117-118. Additionally, Sections 15-16 in rows 31-86, as well as sections 13-14 rows 45-86 are also for visitors’ fans.

Seats In The Shade

Fans can find these covered seats in Section 9 rows 80 and above. Other than that, rows 3 and above in Club Section 315 are also covered.

What are the best seats at Doak Campbell Stadium?

The best seats in Doak Campbell Stadium are in sections 8-12 and 31-35, specifically in rows 35-50. Not forgetting to mention, those in sections 31-35 will also have the sun at their backs during the afternoon games.

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